Simplify Coordination

PLNIFY is the fully integrated team management solution designed with one goal in mind: Making Team Management Efficient, Simple, and Organized for on-the-go teams. Keep up with all personalized itineraries, flights, hotels and production details for your upcoming events all in one simple to use platform.

Our solution consists of a desktop software managed by administrators where they can create events, assign and distribute personalized information in detail to members of the organization allowing a more direct communication between mobile users and avoiding email saturation.

  • PLNIFY App

Our Features


Export event details and calendars into emails or print them.


Sort information viewable by a specific group or users.

Notifications PLNIFY


Receive push notifications in real-time when changes occur.

Multiple Organizations

Easily manage multiple accounts. 

Automatic Calendar Setup

Keep your team updated at all times for what’s to come with our automatic calendar set up.

No network? No problem!

You can keep using PLNIFY even if you don’t have an internet connection, everything will get synced later.

Getting Started

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